Brewing Beer at Home - The Basic Steps

STEP 1: CLEANING. Brewing beer involves A LOT of cleaning. It's really important to make sure all your equipment is clean at all times.

STEP 2: MASHING & BREWING. In this step you cook the malt. This step involves lots of waiting and temprature checking. At the end of this step you have made wort.

Beer boiling

STEP 3: FILTERING. In this step you filter the wort to extract all sugars. At the end of this step you will have both wort and spent grain.

Filter beer

STEP 4: BOILING AND ADDING HOPS. In this step you boil the wort again and add hops.

STEP 5: COOLING DOWN WORT. In this step you place the wort in an ice bath to cool it down enough to pour into your funnel.

STEP 6: FERMENTATION. In this step you add yeast to the wort. Yeast makes the alcoholic fermentation possible.

STEP 7: WAITING. Your beer will start fermenting now. How long you have to wait depends on the type of beer. The beers I made needed to rest two weeks.

Brewing beer at home

STEP 8: BOTTLING. After patiently waiting, it's now time to transfer the beer into bottles. The beer now probaly doesn't have a lot of fizz yet. Which is why in this step, you also add a sugar source (e.g. sugar, honey) for the refermentation in the bottle.


STEP 10: ENJOY! Yes, the hard work has paid off: you have made your own beer! Place the beer in the fridge and enjoy when cold!

Pouring beer in glass

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